The HKPE.NET, formerly known as HKSPORTS.NET, was reorganized and established on 1st January, 2000. Most probably, it was the first web site at that time to provide actual contents and resources (rather than course outline) concerning different theoretical aspects of PE and sports, which include: health and fitness, human body structure, sports physiology, sports psychology, sports training, and sports injuries.

香港體育教學網』於 200011 成立,前身為『香港體育運動網』。本站可能是當時第一個提供有關各類體育及運動理論內容(並非課程大綱)的網站。本站提供的內容包括:健康及體適能、人體結構基礎、運動生理學、運動心理學、運動訓練及運動創傷等。

The HKSPORTS.NET actually started in 1998 as a personal home page project for me to learn the skills in creating HTML pages, which was quite a "hot" topic at that time. I simply uploaded some of my assignments in PE and sports when I studied in the College of Education and in the University to the web site for testing purpose. To my surprise, I received a lot of feedback from my friends and visitors, and most of them were quite encouraging.

香港體育運動網』創辦於 1998 年,它實際上只是本人學習編寫 HTML 個人網頁的一個練習(因為製作網頁是當時一個非常流行的玩意)。當年本人僅是把一些在教育學院及大學時期的功課放到網站上作為測試用途,豈料卻收到很多朋友及訪客的回饋,當中更是不乏勉勵性的評語及意見。

After having done a careful search for similar materials on the Web with the search engines, I discovered that this kind of materials was rarely published online. Most PE and Sports Departments in the universities, particularly those in Asia, mainly displayed their course outline on the Web only. Consequently, I decided to try reorganizing HKSPORT.NET and develop a new PE web site (i.e., HKPE.NET)  targeting at students, PE teachers and sports coaches in Hong Kong.


The efforts for developing the HKPE.NET was eventually recognized. The web site received two awards: Gold Award and Special Award, from the Hong Kong Cyber Campus ( in 2000.


Thank you very much for your support and encouragement! 非常感謝各位的支持和鼓勵!


November, 2006






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